Frequently asked questions


How are the equipment stored?

All our members’ equipment are stored in our facility in nearby Niseko. We provide ski and snowboard waxing, which means you will be ready to zip down the mountain hassle free the moment you arrive!

Is your facility safe?

Our facility is monitored 24 hours by CCTV. All our members’ properties are covered by our general insurance (see Answer to What if my ski equipment is damaged or lost during transfer?).

What can I store with you?

We provide storage for: Skis, snowboard, ski boots, snowboard boots, ski poles, and helmets.

How are the equipment transported?

For delivery within the Niseko, Sapporo area, equipment are transported either in their own bag or in our padded skis/board bag in our private vehicle. Equipment being delivered to outside of Niseko will be sent via reputable courier to ensure prompt delivery.

How quickly can the equipment be delivered?

For Requests during the ski season (mid November to early May), we require itinerary confirmation at least 14 days before your arrival at your destination. If Requests are received between 7 to 14 days, a rush fee of USD20 will be applied. For Requests that is less than 7 days notice apart from the rush fee, we will not be able to deliver your gear on your arrival date and will arrival roughly 7 days from the date of your Request depending on weather. For Request outside of the ski season, we require itinerary confirmation at least 21 days before your arrival at your destination.

Will I get any confirmation that my ski equipment has arrived safely at the resort and when it has been returned to the facility?

Yes, we will send you an email confirmation after your equipment has been delivered to the resort and when it is checked into our facility for storage after each use.

Where will I find my equipment when I arrive at the resort?

The equipment will be left with the reception or concierge of the resort. If the address for delivery is a rental house, contact details of the property management or reservation agent will also need to be provided in your itinerary confirmation.

How are the equipment collected for storage again?

On your departure date, simply leave your packed equipment at the same location as they were delivered and they will be picked up within 24 hours.

What if the trip is extended?

Simply send us an email no less than 24 hours before original departure time and we can reschedule the pick up for you.

What if I decide not to ski in Japan this year, can you send my equipment back home or to another resort in Europe, USA or Canada?

Yes, we can arrange for your equipment to be sent to your home or anywhere else in the world. We will charge an administrative fee for such arrangements and you will be responsible for all courier charges incurred.

What if I want to lend my equipment to a friend who is going skiing in Japan?

We can arrange to deliver the equipment to your friend skiing anywhere within Sapporo. To ensure correct equipment are always delivered to the right place in good time before they are needed, we require the name of the accommodation reservation to match that under which the equipment is stored. So if a member is lending their ski equipment to a friend, we will require prior notification and a US$20 fee will be charged for the arrangement.

Can I purchase ski equipment online and have them sent to you?

Yes, you can have your new equipment delivered directly to our facility. You will need to notify us at least 48 hours before delivery with the tracking number and courier service being used. Be sure to provide equipment retailer with accurate address of our facility and the recipient name must be the same as the name used for your EEzz Valet membership. We will send you a confirmation when the equipment has been received however we will not be responsible for tracking of new equipment being delivered to our facility.

What if my ski equipment is damaged or lost during transfer?

All our members’ ski equipment are insured against damages and theft. Our insurance policy will cover the equipment up to a maximum of US$1000 per member. Actual value for compensation will be determined by documented original price less depreciation for prior usage of the ski equipment.

What happens if my equipment is not there when I arrive at the resort?

In the unlikely event of this happening, we will arrange with our partner rental shop to provide you with free hire equipment until yours is ready. If the point of contact provided by you is not able to receive the equipment when it is delivered, EEzz Valet cannot be responsible for hire equipment charges.


Can I try your service out for 3 months then decide? Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, our terms are for a minimum of 12 months and are not refundable.

Can I share a family membership with my sister?

Our family membership is for 2 adults, and 3 dependent children under 18 years of age.

When will my credit card be charged?

As a subscriber of our service, you authorize us to take the annual fee both at the start of the subscription and when your subscription automatically renews. We may alter the fee for future renewals of your annual subscriptions. In such a case, you’ll be notified ahead of time and your annual subscription will renew at the then prevailing price

As an individual member, can I send both my skis and snowboard?

Yes. The annual membership fee is charged for each set of equipment. There is no limit on the number of sets of equipment a member can have stored with us.


What other services do you provide?

If there are some services which is of value and importance to you, let us know! We will see what we can do! Our job is to make sure you enjoy your alpine holidays with as little hassle as possible!

What are the benefits of having your own gear?

The benefits are many. With your own gear, you can get on the slopes faster, instead of having to wait in line at rental shops. For both skis and snowboards, hiring options are usually limited, generic and very costly. Having your own boots is also all about hygiene. Imagine having to rent a pair of running shoes or a cycling helmet! Equipment last for years and you gain back the cost of buying the equipment, on average, within two times of renting.