Frequently asked questions

OSHIMEI suitable for diabetic patient? OSHIMEI 适合糖尿病患者服用吗?

Yes,OSHIMEI do not contain added sugar and has no effect on blood sugar level.


Can i consume OSHIMEI during period. 能在月经期间服用OSHIMEI?

Yes,OSHIMEI do not contain any hormone disrupting agent and can be consume normally during period.


Consume direction for OSHIMEI? OSHIMEI的服用方法?

OSHIMEI is rich in water soluble and insoluble fiber, its thickness may change with time.
Recommend consume before bedtime, and consume within a minutes after prepartion, ensuring optimal thickness and mouth feel (fizz)

1)for those who prefer thicker texture, you may consume 3 minutes after prepartion.
2)water content can be freely adjust between 150-300ml based on preference.



DIfference of OSHIMEI with other product OSHIMEI和其他品牌的排毒产品的分别

OSHIMEI was the first detox and slimming product formulate based on rehydration concept and WHO ORS formula.

Supplementation without detox is effectless
Detoxifaction withoui hydration is effectless

OSHIMEI是首个引用补水哲学及根据WHO ORS配方的排毒纤体产品.


Its look like wine, do OSHIMEI contain alcohol? 看起来像红酒,OSHIMEI含有酒精吗?

OSHIMEI do not contain alcohol.


What is the stuff on surface OSHIMEI after preparation? OSHIMEI泡水后,里面一颗一颗的是什么东西?

The solid particle in OSHIMEI is organic chia seed and tremella flakes,
it provide good mouth feel and various mineral and vitamin.

OSHIMEI里的固体颗粒是有机奇亞籽(chia seed)及精选雪耳片(tremella flakes),

What is the taste of OSHIMEI? OSHIMEI是什么口味?

OSHIMEI is taste like italian Nero d’Avola grape juice with fizz.

OSHIMEI是意大利黑珍珠葡萄 Nero d’Avola气泡口味。

What is the main function of OSHIMEI? OSHIMEI主要功能有什么?

The main functions of OSHIMEI are liver detoxification, cell replenishment, immunity enhancement, health care, ketogenic, body sculpting, weight management and constipation relief.


Where can i buy OSHIMEI? OSHIMEI可以在哪里购买?

Consumer may purchase using the following link

or on various E commerce platform such as Lazada and Shopee.
Alternatively, consumer may purchase directly from the website.


用户们也可以在各大E commerce平台如 Lazada及Shopee购买。

Suitable for alcohol drinker? 我有喝酒,可以服用吗?

Yes, formula contain liver tonic ingredient that was able to mitigate hangover and promote alcohol metabolism.