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EEzz Valet

Your solution to hassle free

winter adventures in Japan

 EEzz Valet is your year-round ski/snowboard valet.

We provide an all-inclusive service to take care of all the hassles involved with having your own winter sports equipment.

EEzz Valet

Your solution to hassle free winter adventures in Japan

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Why use EEzz Valet?

As snow sport enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the benefits of having our personal skis, boards and boots

but we are also very aware of the extra efforts and frustrations involved when it comes to storing and transporting them. 

EEzz Valet takes care of all the work and headaches for you.

No more tedious packing before your ski trip. 

No more paying for overweight baggage.

No more lugging around bulky and heavy ski or snowboarding gears from your home to the ski resort. 

No more headaches over how and where to store your equipment at home.


If storage and transport concerns have stopped you from purchasing your own equipment, then with EEzz Valet comes your solution.  

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